Safety & Security

The site is fully fenced with a 2.5 meter wooden structure that offers no foot/hand holds from the outside.

We pride ourselves that you can leave your Pride and Joy in our hands to keep it safe. The site has a single entry/exit point with motorised gates and coded access control. Pedestrian gates are only accessed by using a unique code that is regularly changed. Motor-gate access is controlled by ourselves alone.


There are 8 CCTV camera’s around the site and multiple movement sensor floodlights.

As we live on the site, there is a “live body” day and night. Our dog has free roam of the entire site and he’s an excellent watchdog.


There are various fire-extinguishers distributed around the site and water-points at two opposing ends of the site.

We consider our site to be extremely secure and have taken every care to ensure the safety of vehicles and persons on our premises.